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Spine Biomechanics Laboratory

Spine Biomechanics Laboratory

The spine biomechanics (SB) lab is just one of several that comprise the Biomechanics Laboratories. The broad mandate of the SB lab is to work toward understanding how the low back functions, how it becomes injured and then, formulate and test various strategies for optimal injury prevention and rehabilitation, and high performance training.

The physical lab is housed in two rooms - one for in vivo work with living humans, and another for in vitro work on spine specimens, both areas are well equipped.

The lab is funded with NSERC operating grants plus many industrial R & D grants and contracts.

In Vitro Area

In Vivo Area


In Vitro Spine Tissue Lab


photo of xrays
Examining Digital Xray Images



photo of CT scannerclose up photo of ct scanner
CT Scanner, and Spine Specimen in Scanner



photo of preparing a specimen
Working on the Disk Herniation Machine


In Vivo Testing Lab


photo of high performance athlete
In the In Vivo Lab we measure the spine mechanics in people. Our two specialties are the low-functioning backs, and also the high performance athletes.



photo of high performance athlete 2
Examining Martial Arts Techniques and Spine Mechanics


photo of high performance athlete 3
Quantifying the "Strongman" Tasks



photo of high performace athelete 4photo of high performance athlete 5
Quantifying Occupational Tasks - in this Example Firefighters Tests: Breaking Doors with Sledgehammer, and Body Drag



Current Personnel

PhD Candidates
  • Christian Balkovec
  • Ed Cambridge
  • Dave Frost
MSc Candidates
  • Dianne Ikeda
  • Ben Lee
  • Natalie Sidorkewicz
Laboratory Technicians
  • Jordan Andersen